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The Rookery Artists' Collective present


"Dances in the Dark"

Gallery 46 - Wednesday May 17th - Saturday May 20th 2023

Concepts explored include that of the dark as a physical place.  As day turns into night and light changes to darkness, London also transforms as different layers of life and history shift and rise to prominence or fade from view.  The dark is also a place in time. Just as dawn follows the night, in history golden ages are followed by dark times.  These dark times are unsettling and filled with uncertainty and the experience of them continues to be felt long after they appear to have ended. 


The dark as somewhere where things can be obscured and hidden is another idea that is considered.  This obscurity can be positive.  In the dark there are no visual cues with the resulting assumptions and prejudices and this brings freedom.  Freedom to be who you really are, not who people think you are.  However, hiding in the dark can also have the opposite effect.  It can be a labyrinth where it is easy to get lost and where others are unable to find you and help you escape.


The exhibition contains work in both 2 and 3 dimensions, in various media and materials. 

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