Sarah Lang

Lost in a Book

I create work based on my own experience that draws attention to what is overlooked, the unseen history that echoes in our lives and the beauty and colour that often goes unnoticed. 


When researching this project, I explored lots of different ideas but kept circling back to trying to convey my experiences and memories of reading or listening to a story. I used three main avenues to try to express this.


Firstly, materials. I re-read books, multiple times, but each reading is a different journey into my imagination. By using unfamiliar materials and trying new ways of working I recreated the freshness experience.  I also used materials symbolic of elements of my imagination.  For example in the story of Sleeping Beauty, in my minds eye I see a castle surrounded by roses and thorns and the princess lifeless yet alive.  This inspired me to encase rose petals in in encaustic where they are preserved unchanging, like the princess.


Colour was another area that I explored.  Looking back at my childhood I was enchanted by the idea of midnight. Magical things happened as the clock struck twelve but I never got to see them, because try as I might, I just couldn’t stay up that late.    Midnight also had it’s own colour, midnight blue.  I created these imaginary landscapes bathed in my own version of midnight blue to relive those childhood imaginings. 


Finally experimenting with composition allowed me to evoke the journey into and the space that I inhabit when reading.  The sense of physically being in one place but mentally somewhere else .  In these more abstract paintings, words, images and figures merge as the reader becomes lost in the story.