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by The Rookery

Sarah Lang

I create work inspired by my local environment, the people I know and the communities that I feel connected to. I draw attention to what is overlooked; the unseen history that echoes in our daily lives and the beauty and colour that often goes unnoticed. The scenery of our "ordinary" lives is richer and more beautiful than we realise.

The East End of London has gone through, and continues to go through, constant reinvention. Trees, buildings, road names, and hundreds of other things are hidden witnesses to the passing of time. My work inspired by the theme “Impermanence” takes  elements that can be seen from and in King Edward Park and combines them into imagined views.  Some of the components are more permanent than others.  Some will appear and disappear with the seasons; some until the next wave of development but over time over time they will all decline, decay and eventually disappear.