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Sarah Lang

Sarah Lang is a multi-disciplinary artist.  Drawn to themes of history, memory and place, the starting point for her research based practice is the people and places that she feels connected to.  Working within her framework of values of equality, community, taking positive action and being open to different perspectives, Sarah uses film, painting, mixed media, photography, as well as found objects, to create separate bodies of work that express the varied information, outcomes and ideas generated by her research.  She considers these individual bodies of work as fragments of a whole.  Each fragment can stand alone, but when viewed, or experienced, collectively they combine to communicate a much broader narrative. 


Sarah’s intention is to nudge the viewer into a shift in their perception of her area of research.  This shift could be anything from becoming aware of an event of place they were previously ignorant of, to re-considering a previously held assumption.


Sarah graduated from City and Guilds of London Art School in September 2022 with a MA in Fine Art.

Her film "It's a Beautiful Game" was selected as part of New Contemporaries 2022


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