Sarah Lang

Fairy Tales and Other Stories

Sarah Lang creates work inspired by her personal experience and the people, places and communities that she knows and feels connected to.

She draws attention to what is overlooked and encourages the viewer to consider and examine what lies beyond the first glance; to contemplate the seemingly insignificant and to glimpse the unseen history that echoes in our lives.

This current series of work focuses on “ordinary” buildings. They are not monuments to great events but witnesses to the stories of the people who lived and worked in and around them. By creating physical layers, using collage and textured grounds, she hints at the experiences that exist beyond the surface. She deliberately choses to exclude figures, and to create a sense of timelessness, inviting the viewer to project their own narrative onto the work.


These experiences and stories may be modest but she refutes that they are unimportant and asserts that the “ordinary” is rich, beautiful and significant.