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Lesley McGuire

I’m interested in exploring vulnerability, intimacy and trust. I want to create stillness, that slows people down, working against the speed of our lives. 


The nature of our contact is changing due to increasing dependency on technology. Physical, unfiltered communication feels risky and frightening. It becomes easier to project and perfect our lives rather then engage with uncontrollable, ‘warts and all’, imperfect reality. 


I’m drawn to everyday materials, overlooked and discarded (old toys, circuit boards, razors, electrical wire). Reimagining the objects away from their daily use , I play with them, and create something precarious, unstable, unpredictable; to challenge my choreographed and guarded world. 


Working instinctively and intuitively, I use contradictory materials associated with risk, fear and caution, I decontextualise them, to acknowledge vulnerability whilst connecting with their beauty and tenderness.Because without vulnerability, there can be no tenderness, no intimacy. And we are alone. 


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