Claudia Linnenkohl

Fairy Tales and Other Stories

Looking again at fairy tales as an adult I realised the extent to which they speak to our conscious and our unconscious. They evoke memories of childhood, budding sexuality and inner ambivalences and can be seen as symbolic renderings of crucial life experiences.

The tale of Little Red Riding Hood or Rotkäppchen as collected by the Brothers Grimm has not only the threat of being devoured at its central theme but also the rebirth to a higher place. Adolescent sexuality is experienced as simultaneously the greatest excitement and the greatest anxiety and the wolf is not just the male seducer, he also represents all the asocial, animalistic tendencies within ourselves.

In a world saturated with colourful images I invite the viewer to engage with my mainly black and white ink drawings. Artists have long had a fascination with the power of monochrome and used it for aesthetic, emotional and moral reasons. Stripping away colour is a way to explore the nature of seeing and the power of image making. It can signal a shift to an otherworldly or spiritual context as well as intensifying the feel of an image through stark contrast.

Ink and wash drawings hold a particular fascination for me. I like the control and at the same time the total lack of it. The not quite knowing the outcome. The lucky accident versus total disaster. Dreams tipping over to nightmares.