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Munisha Gupta

My art practice aims to explore an understanding of everyday life - that I sense is often overlaid with shadows and ambiguities. I am profoundly interested in the medium of paint and the experience of the acts of painting as immersive. 

I use swells and swirls of colour and gestural marks, aiming to comment on the energetic nature of life and emotions; they act as a sense of instant release and suggest a primal need for movement and colour. 


Using paint as a tool, and moving colour on the canvas, I 'feel' my way towards something. My time spent reflecting on colour and the energy of experiences, people, and my relationship to those people shape my approach to each work. I am interested in how elicited memories can be reworked, and how certain applications of paint can provoke a sense of memory and loss, lack and abundance, despair and hope, fragmentation and continuity, helplessness and control as well as mood and atmosphere. Above all, an overriding sense of melancholy - yet optimism also pervades my work 


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instagram- @munishaguptaart 


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