Roselind Hunsel

Anansi Tori

Anansi the Spider, known as “The Trickster”, is one of the most important characters in West-African, African-American and Caribbean folklore. These stories originate from Ghana and were brought from Africa with the slaves, to Suriname.  The stories play an important part in the oral-literature history of Suriname.  They are told with great gusto and mimicking of sounds of the jungle. The listeners sometimes join in and take over the story by adding their imagination to enhance the suspense.


The paintings represent a Jungle and a city environment in which Anansi spins his webs full of the stories that he is known for.  The triptych is a more artistic and graphically illustrative representation of the mathematical genius of a spiders web construction.


The Ceramic Pots are a physical representation of a favourite Ananasi story called “The Pot of Wisdom”.  In this story Anansi learns the importance of sharing.  Anansi earns the pot of wisdom from the king and is told to share all the wisdom contained in the pot with the rest of the world. But Anansi is greedy and wants to keep all the wisdom to himself.  So he tries to hide the pot high up in a tree in a secluded spot near the river bank. As he is struggling to do so, the pot falls down and shatters into thousands of pieces that roll into the river and flow down all the rivers tributaries. And so all the wisdom is shared with the world.


The pots are a years collaboration with ceramic designer Giuseppe Parrinello. His knowledge and guidance he so tirelessly shared, made for the realisation of these pots. The next step in my thirty year pot painting journey.