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The Rookery Artists' Collective Inaugural Show

Menier Gallery, May 14th - 18th 2019

London has a long history of drawing in people from all over the world. The weaving of these newcomers into the existing fabric of society creates a vibrant city which is ever changing and unique. 


The Rookery Artists’ Collective (“TRAC”) are a group of London based artists who, like their great city, are a melting pot of people, styles, and passions. Our members are from different walks of life; work in different ways and in a variety of media. Each contributor bring their unique perspectives, processes and media to create an exciting dialogue within a collaborative and supportive framework to develop their practice. 


In our inaugural show each artist has explored identity, both collective and personal.  Whilst extremely personal work, universal themes have emerged which TRAC has drawn out through careful group curation.  For example, “the outsider” appears in many forms; the outsider dispassionately observing; the outsider looking to be accepted, the outsider who suddenly realises that after so many years in this city being an outsider is part of being a Londoner. 


The show looks to examine the cult of the individual and investigate whether below the surface we are much more united than we think. Are our paths bound together after all?



images from the show

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